Kinda like if Post Malone and Justin Bieber had a love baby that was raised by J-Pop

Trent in a 3 quarter view from the waist up. The image is tinted pink and has big white circles floating around him.


Production Services

Vocal Production + Mix&Master

Trent Vine, Acoustic Guitar on SoundBetter


Daily Music Roll

"The newest gem in pop music Trent Vine drops new single ‘Skip The Line’ on major streaming platforms"

African Hype

"Trent Vine Has Etched Out Great Vocals and Strong Melody in His New Single “Burberry On The Floor”"

Ratings Game Music

"Trent Vine Warms Our Souls With “Weed & Caviar”"

Global Money World

"Trent Vine “Weed & Caviar” is the perfect statement record to show how big time he will be"

Lyrics & Threads

"The Track is ‘Who You Wanna Be’. Its a complete vibe from lyrics to the overall quality of the track."

ABC Eyre Peninsula

"Have you heard Trent Vine’s music yet?"

Music On The Rox

Weed & Caviar Who You Know Give More Than I Get

The instrumentals are contagious and really energetic. They also compliment his vocals completely.


This track has a very wide emotional spectrum that can decorate your mood in all existing colors and shades.


He mixes up his styles well here, maintaining a solid rap flow with a slight pop-punk twist.

Caesar Live n Loud

I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how confident and passionate his delivery is, gliding effortlessly over the captivating production.

Plastic Mag

“H8 ME 2” sees a talented artist on the rise lay down a modern pop hit as he continues to go from strength-to-strength with each new move

Illustrate Magazine

It is youthful, uplifting, and brimming with appeal due to the highly catchy hook and contemporary sound tapestry.

Past Performances

A black and white image of Trent standing on a stage holding a microphone, with a keyboard on a stand in the background.